Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Fotos

It's February! Here are some photos!

Things are going relatively well here. We were offered the use of the kitchen and a bigger room tomorrow, so things are looking up. Work starts next week, more or less.

Here are a couple of shots of us giving one of our typical "Preventative Health" talks. This talk is about the importance of hand-washing in maintaining one's health. We made Liquid Soap dispensers using old plastic water bottles to reduce the trash in the community. Unfortunately we don't have any more shots with them because they're still incredibly camera shy... the community is one of the hardest-to-reach in our municipality.


Other goings-on:

Modifying a USB "y" cable with a female port so we can use the modem. Soldering irons are only Q15 here! Still working a week later...

Sarah showing off her skills with the new toaster oven. Homemade wheat bread!

What happens when I ask for a tall table.

Shot of Sarah cooking from the patio at night.

View from the roof looking north towards Utspantan and ultimately, Mexico. The big cloud formation to the left is more or less due north.

Front of the house! It looks nice, and it is, but we also share the house with 5 other Guatemalan renters.
*Bonus: Dad teaching pre-teen to ride motorcycle on far left of shot*

have a good mid-february!

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emily said...

This is great. I just bought the EXACT same toaster oven. Don't you love it?? I, too, have made wheat bread, and also ginger cookies. Good stuff!