Thursday, April 2, 2009

A "muestra" of our work

muestra = sample

Here's a workshop that Sarah gave today. The 3-hour workshop was about the sanitation and hygiene before, during, and after the birth: How to avoid infections, when/where to cut the cord, stuff like that. The health center holds these workshops for the comadronas (midwives) every other month to review the information - basically to standardize hygienic practices to lower the rate of infant/mother mortality. The pregnant women often do not seek professional medical help due to lack of access and/or cultural beliefs so the midwives may be the only medical intervention that happens in the villages.

(Thanks to Emily Crawford for the materials)

First short video of Sarah! This is at the beginning of the charla - don't forget, there's sound!

Sarah and SeƱora Flor

"How to cut the Umbilical Cord"

"The three clean things":
Clean hands
Clean place of birth
Sterilized tools

"Things to watch out for with the Placenta"
Try to make sure that the membranes are complete.
You could imagine them as if they form a bag.

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