Thursday, June 12, 2008

San Miguel Dueñas

Welcome to San Miguel Dueñas. Hope you all enjoy the lovely volcanos. The active one is called Fuego and the olther one is Acatenango. I don't have a good pic of Agua yet, but it will show itself well one day.
The courtyard is of my house and to the left is my room. Straight ahead is a pila or the giant sink that is traditionally used to wash clothes and other stuff.
Finally, that is the church is in my town plaza and one of the camionetas, Esmeralda, is passing it. If there had not been a ton of clouds, you could have seen the volcano Agua behind the church.

Hope you all enjoyed the quick tour. Sorry this is so short but Mat and I have a lot of work this week preparing our HIV/AIDS charlas.


Mamacita Jo said...

You know how spacially challenged I am. It looks like the house is U-shaped with the pila at the bottom of the U. Is that right? I had a mental picture of something more grassy. Looks like a nice open air patio/kitchen to enjoy your morning coffee.

I'm still trying to get one of you to post pictures of the INSIDE of a church.

Much love!

Aunt Kath said...

Sure would like to see your's and Mat's living quarters. Hope your bathroom is better than Mat's. How do your host families feel about pictures of them being taken? Would very much like to see who you two are living with.
Aunt Kath'