Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Update

Hey everyone. Forgot to put the long blog post on my flash drive so a detailed wall of text will have to wait. But here are some pictures in the meantime!


Here is a relatively recent picture of me (for Joanne/mom dad and anyone else curious) on a little mountain on the outskirts of our town. Thanks for the sunglasses!

Cool macro shot sarah took of some (probably poisonous) plants
Cows! Seriously, they are everywhere here.
A cockroach about the size of Sarah's thumb. See his antennae? They are turned towards her thumb... he actually turned his little head to look at her hand. Pretty neat. We ended up letting the little guy live. (Hey, at least they don't bite)
One of our friends showing off a cool way to cut pineapple.
Landslide! Knocked out a good portion of someone's crop and went to go give him suggestions on what to plant to prevent another one. Not surprisingly my suggestion of "trees" was taken almost as a joke... *sigh*
Helicopter landing in a field next to the centro - the Health Minister came to announce the opening of 24-hour service here. Which means that our doctor, the only doctor here, is on call 24-7.
Doctor is third from the left. The health minister is second from left.


More to come soon... on a day when I'm not as absent-minded as always! Love to all.

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Mamacita Jo said...

I love your posts, Mat, with or without text. I check every day - or almost. So, that's what macro is. I've never been that close to a cockroach on purpose in my life. What happened to the hat? Even with the phone calls, I look forward to the text. Love you both.