Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ready to Go!

We are now officially homeless and jobless. We spent the better part of the last two weeks packing and throwing away junk we've collected over the past five years. After over a year of waiting it's finally time to leave... More updates and pictures to come!


bluey said...

Hi Mat & Sarah,
Looking forward to reading about your experiences in Guatemala.
Nana and I send our love
Grandfather .

James said...

Sarah and Mat,
The blog is a nice way to keep everyone up to date. Great idea. Look forward to hearing about your experiencs. Best of luck.


uncle jim

Shannon said...

have fun in Guatemala!!
Me and chloe are going to miss you

~*Shannon L.*~

celeste said...

hey this is chloe i miss you a lot and i cant wait to see you when you get back have fun i love you and miss you bye. chloe

Hey sarah!! Teen club is not the same without ya girl. Good luck with all the training. I know it's gonna be such a sweet time. Make sure to pack your Dive Cup :)

Canberra Lot said...

Hi Mat and Sarah

Can hardly waite to see the photos and read the about your adventures.

the Canberra lot

Joanne said...

Good Luck! Love you.

Mamacita Jo said...

Love you near and far. post some pictures real soon.

Aunt Kath said...

Sarah and Mat,
Know how proud IL am of the both of you.Keep us all posted on your experiences and post lots of pictures (with captions).
Love you lots,
Aunt Kath' and Patty