Sunday, May 11, 2008

Missing Familiarity

Hey everyone, this is Mat... One week down! I can´t speak for Sarah but I´ve got a nasty case of the culture shock and I´m really missing stupid familiar sights, sounds, and smells that I´d find back in the USA. I have to keep telling myself it´s only one week! everything else is really good, host families are great, and i take warm bucket baths (which are actually pretty nice)!

more to come!


Aunt Kath said...

Hope the culture shock doesn't get you down too much. You and Sarah are very determined and I know that both of you will be just fine. Remind yourselves often that we are thinking of you both and that we are proud of what you're doing.
Love to both,
Aunt Kath' and Pat

Tom said...

Mathew & Sarah,

Be patient, be flexible, and be open. This is going to be harder than you know, but then you are tougher than you know. You'll love it.

RPCV Guate/Fisheries 1980-1983
Zacapa, Chiquimula, Baja Verapaz

Annaliese said...

Mat! Good luck with bucket baths. I would cry and quit. So just think you are doing better than I could ever do! I miss you and Sarah and am always thinking of you. Stay strong!

Mamacita Jo said...

I can't imagine, but you could. Right now it must seem that your reach exceeds your grasp. That's often the way with dreams. I give you so much credit. So, many just dream. You've reached. Love,