Saturday, May 31, 2008


(Left to right) Dan from Duenas, Ellen from Duenas, and Thea from San Mateo, (and the hand of Ashlee). Thea is in Youth Development but she's super awesome and likes to hang out with the other super awesome Health folks.

Zach, another trainee that lives in Duenas with Sarita, showing off his awesome shirt he bought today.
Here is a view of the park in Parramos.
Here are some los militares in Antigua during el dia de mercado (market day). No idea why they were all around today. And yes, they are carrying assault rifles. (AK-74s for those concerned).
Jim and Emily, another married couple. We were hanging out in Antigua today, celebrating the end of our first charlas.

(from left to right) Jane, Ellen, and Ashlee. Jane and Ashlee are the other two people in my training group in Parramos and Ellen lives in Duenas with Sarita.
Here is my courtyard in my house
Here is my bathroom
Here is a view of the campo next to where Ashlee (another trainee in my group) lives
Another view of the campo
Here is the catholic church in my town.

That is all for now! You won't hear from me until after Field-Based Training, when we can show you all of the sweet pictures of the latrines and hand-washing stations.

Hasta La Primero Domingo (Until Next Sunday)!


Aunt Kath said...

Well, all I can say is you are braver than I am to use that bathroom. That would have been enough to send me home. Good to see the others in your group and the picture of you and Sarah. Know that you are missed and you are loved and we are all very proud of you.
Aunt Kath'

Mamacita Jo said...

I love the pictures. It's neat to put a face to the people you are working with. I almost cried when I saw the picture of you and Sarah. (Well, actually, . . .) I look forward to every post. Can't wait to hear about the latrines.