Monday, July 28, 2008

¡Dios Mio! Hace calor.

Phew. It is stinking hot. I thought it was supposed to be "winter" and by that I mean the rainy season. San Andrés has not seen rain in almost a week and, today, we have got to be around 90. That is nothing though. Summer frequently reaches over 100, everything turns brown, and this place drys out. Desert condtions. We even have the cowboys! No for real, there are many ganaderos here. Pretty cool. The cows are quite beautiful. The other day Mat and I saw a gentleman lasso a calf in our front yard. Not my every day experience in Ohio.

So far the site is pretty great. Beautiful. Both the people and area. We are a little slow on work but that is alright. Besides we are just becoming accustomed to the "hora de la Chapina." We still need to find a place to live. Right now we are living with Mat's counterpart and his family. They are great but we got a double index-finger, no-no wag on living with the counterpart. Soon we will have a place to call home. Or so we hope.....

Initically we will be working in two communities who are both enthusiastic. Hooray! We have also been speaking to each other in Spanish only! Thems the rules. Avoid English at all costs. It works too. I think that we have improved in only a week. Don't tell our Spanish teachers but this is the most Spanish I have spoken since I arrived. No more Antigua weekends to get us off the track. Sorry for the lack of pics. Commentary is best accompanied by visuals and everybody who is anybody knows that Mat and I are visual learners! For now, ¡Nos vemos!

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