Friday, July 11, 2008

One Week Left (PICTURES!)

Hey everyone! One week left as of today! We all just had our language proficiency exams in the morning so now we are officially starting the ball rolling on becoming honest-to-god volunteers. I'm going to provide some pictures for everyone's enjoyment and Sarah will do some actual writing.

To see a big version of any picture just click on it with your cursor. It will open in a new window. They're kind of jumbled, so I've included explanations.

The view of some mountains from our front yard in our site:
Another view:
More cows:
MORE PICTURES (descriptions follow the pictures):
The Arch in Antigua, Guatemala. The (inactive) volcano in the back is Agua. Look at all of the tourists! Also, the weather is usually never like that in the rainy season.
Our backyard at our new site. Won't be our backyard for long because we have to move, but it's going to be pretty while it lasts.
Our town. Relatively clean, surrounded by mountains, and the people are very friendly.

Our Centro de Salud. All of the Centros have that funky 70's lettering and are painted ridiculous colors. In a word: awesome

Our front yard for the time being. The first hill in the background is where they perform Mayan ceremonies.

Mayan ceremony a few weeks back. It was very interesting. They burnt a lot of sugar.
Mayan site called "Iximche" (Pronounced Ee-chim-che). Literally means "site of corn" or something in the Mayan language - corn is "ixim".
More weird looking stuff
Here are Dan and Ashlee at the Macademia nut farm. Look at the expression on their faces to get an idea of how ridiculous the conversation the guy was having at them. He's a crazy. Not going back again.
Cat resting on Thea's lap at the Macademia nut farm near Sarah's town. The person at the top-left is Kaying. They are both in the Youth Development program.

That's it for now! Have a great weekend.

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Mamacita Jo said...

I'm almost left speechless. ALMOST. The pictures are awesome. I like the funky lettering and colors, too, but those don't compare to the scenery. Reminds me a bit of a visit to southern Ohio and duck pictures - lots of duck pictures. Those hills and the ceremonies. It must be incredible to walk in an area that is so untouched by much of modern living. I could wax poetic or at least philosophic about the ancients who stood where you now. stand.

What happened to Sarah's writing?

Love to you both!