Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hey everyone. We're currently enjoying our week-long stay in Antigua, Guatemala. Reconnect has been good. Less of that touchy-feely crap and more of technical how to solve problems stuff. We've had Spanish lessons for two days now... phew! It's hard to get in to learn mode again. It's been good, we've just been sobreviviendo (surviving) and trying not to get on each other's nerves - not me and sarah but all of the other volunteers. We are crammed into a hostel right now and running about 14 deep. The place comfortably fits 12 so needless to say it's a bit cramped. We'll be here until next Monday and then it's back off to our site in beautiful Quiche!
I'm going to link to a map of where we are to give you all a good idea of what travel is like here. Now that the blog is private I can open up and provide a lot more juicy details than before!


Halloween 2008 Antigua Guatemala

We were tourists

Another married couple dude - Jim - who went as the crow (shaved off his face rat today so don't worry about that horrible thing in the picture)

Some of our friends. L-R Thea, Sarah (who is not touching herself but stroking her fanny pack), Amanda, Ashley, and Emily (another married)

Ashley and Casey


Random Stuff!

Sarah talking to her Mom. I was bored.

A weird procession put on by a school that does something like this every year. 40 or so people held the float on their shoulders and did this weird synchronized swaying things to beating drums. It was pretty cool.

Cool foto from our hotel roof in Antigua of the volcanoes. The one on the left is Fuego and the one on the right (two humps) is Acatenango. Fuego is still active! From time to time you can see it glowing at night and it shoots off big mushroom clouds every couple of days.

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Aunt Kath said...

I love to see pictures of the two of you.You both look like you were having a good time. Miss you, but am very proud of the two of you.
Love to both,
Aunt Kath'