Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I wish we could share the day with family! Have a great thanksgiving everyone.
Here is a delicious black bean hummus dish Sarah and I made. Thanks for the tahini Joanne.(those are real tortilla chips)

Firework over our street. These went off until about 5 in the morning. We were going to stay to see the toritos (see below picture post, metal death cages with fireworks attached) but drunk guys kept trying to grab me and we left early because it was annoying. So no pictures of the toritos.

A moving dance squad called a Convite - bunch of ladies dressed up in amazon costumes dancing around. The shot is from our roof - our family provided them with drinks (yes drinks the feria is 24-nonstop drinking for some) and snacks and they came over afterwards from 8-11 and danced the night away.

that's all for now! look for more pictures after thanksgiving - love you all, take care and safe travels


Aunt Kath said...

You will both be in the families thoughts and although you won't be with family, you will be with the other volunteers.I am sure they are missed by their families as well.Kiss each other for me and be thankful for one another.
Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!!
Aunt Kath'

Mamacita Jo said...

AWESOME, AWESOME post! I love all the pictures. For reasons unknown that "random picture" totally brought to mind American Gothic. Sarah, how on earth do you stay so white in that part of the world? Ellen, too? (I'm referring to the swimsuit shot.) Missed you both at Thanksgiving but was thinking of you. Love, love the turkey picture but not as much as I LOVE you two. I ditto Aunt Kath's "Kiss each other sentence. (But where the heck did her post go?)
Mucho amor,

Mamacita Jo said...

Oh, I've been trying to leave a comment since the day after you posted. I got so darn frustrated. I thought I erased Aunt Kath's comment. (I know, Mat, that isn't possible, but I couldn't find it.) I was looking at another post. Anyhow the firewall is being kind to me today so I thought I'd also explain my previous comment.