Tuesday, December 2, 2008


After one month of constant noise and buzz, the feria has finished! Less drunks and fireworks!

Here's a little something I wrote up at home:

NOVEMBER 30 END OF FERIA --- I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was as tranquil and relaxing as ours! We spent a nice night hanging out with a few close friends at La Iguana Perdida on beautiful Lake Atitlan (see pictures below!). It was nice to get away from the town for one day because right now the yearly feria is winding down. And when I say winding down, I mean fireworks and firecrackers until 3 or 4 in the morning. Thankfully today is the last day. It’s a great cultural experience and all but after about a month it starts to grate a little bit. It’s like the band at 5-7 in the morning (for a month, I guess that’s how things roll in Quiche). Ten years from now we’ll be waxing romantic about how fun it was to put up with those little annoyances, but for now I’m happier when they end. Work moved pretty slowly this week but I was able to get into contact with a guy about possibilty donating computers. He’s already offered me a few computers but I have to set up a meeting with the alcade (mayor) of our municipality to try and reach an agreement about the state of security in the health center. I’d like to have him secure it so that they can have a truly functioning lab environment… with a projector and all so some teaching can happen – maybe even by me! I’m trying not to get too excited about it, but it’s becoming more of a possibility as the months roll on. (Thanks to Sarah and Ana Isabel for all of the support and encouragement in this process! Couldn’t have done it without them) Well, I’m more of a visual person so I’m just going let the pictures do the talking! I hope December goes well for everyone. Don’t freeze! It’s the start of our dry season here so I can’t really feel everyone on the snow and ice and cold. I think it hit 85-90 in the sun today! Sorry… ;) *UPDATE: It is now tuesday and the temp dropped back down to 50 and cloudy. Grr!*



Here's a great view of our town from where the race started.

Check out the magazine on that gun. A good reason not to start fights here - they might have thirty bullets to use!

Dilan crossing the finish line. He is the husband of the lady (her name is Leidy) we live with.

Action shot of Dilan.

Leidy, Lindsey (the baby), and Dilan.


Feria 2008

Our Site, Guatemala

Saturday November 28, 2008

Crazy costumes

More crazy costumes with some great indigenous dress in the background.


An example of the typical headress and dress in our area. Great for color fiends

More typical (and awesome) headdresses. They only bust these bad boys out for the special events it was great to get a few shots while we could

Another cool costume.

An example of what we like to call "Mermaid Trajes".

Welcome to the feria!

Mass of people running to the next Convite house.
Sunday, November 29th.

An old guy from a community outside of town taking a breather.

Once in a lifetime random shot - don't ask me how this one happened.

Leidy and her sister, Kimberly, dancing in the Convite.

Guy on the left spent five years in the states. Guy on the right lives here. Both were very talkative.

Sarah with the crowd!
The Doña of the house (Mirna) with some nephews and her daughter's (Leidy) baby, Lindsey.


Thanksgiving 2008

Santa Cruz La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala

Sarah and Ellen before jumping in to swim.

Jenn and Thea (who is hiding from the evil light)

Great long exposure looking towards San Pedro La Laguna.


Random market shot. It would have been better if it weren't so blurry :(

-- That's it for now! Take it easy everyone!


Tim said...

I love the photo of the old guy sitting against a wall. The framing is excelent and his candid pose with his shoes off is really cool. You should enter that one in a photo contest (maybe the Peace Corps calendar contest whenever it comes up). ¡Feliz dia!
- Tim

Aunt Kath said...

The colors are all so bright! What a party,if only I still drank.
Love to both,
Aunt Kath'

Mamacita Jo said...

One more thing, the comment I left on your Thanksgiving post was really meant for this one. At least the part regarding the pictures. Those were good pictures. These are GREAT pictures.

Love you bunches!