Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We just got back from Monterrico after a week of some serious vacation (click on the link to see more information). It's on the south coast and the town is very relaxed and truly feels like a chill Central American coastal town. Thatch roofs, sand roads, and lots of skin! It was a lot of fun. I have a lot of photos today.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Here are a couple of pictures from our site, first:


Sarah showing off our orange-lacquered friend tofu, swiss chard, and sweet potato masterpiece.

Now on to vacation pictures!

Our room in Monterrico. Notice the quality mosquito net. Still itching as I write this.

View of the cabaña (vacation home) we rented for a week.

Sarah, Thea, and Ellen relaxing.
Zach and I drowning

Thea, Kaying, and Ellen relaxing on the beach.

Christmas dinner! We had grilled fish and fried shrimp.
L to R: Thea, Kaying, Jane (standing), Anne, Ashley, Sarah, Zach, and Dan.

L to R: Sarah, me, Ellen, Thea, and Kaying

Ellen opening presents (Hi Ellen's Mom)

Dan showing off his white elephant gift with style.

Sarah and I, very tired

Sarah and Ashley singing and dancing

We took a canoe ride through the mangrove swamp one morning. Good view of the volcanoes.
L to R: Fuego, Agua, and the small two peaked one is Pacaya.
Sunrise in the mangroves

Dan and Ashlee

Mat on vacation

Sunset on the beach.

Baby sea turtle! They release them every Wednesday. People can pay 10 Quetzales (local currency here) to release them. There is some objection to the practice but at least they're working to conserve this vulnerable and cute species from extinction. Monterrico is famous for it's sea turtle sanctuary. (photo taken by Zach)

Dan, Sarah, and Ellen posing before they released the turtles. Zach is wearing the backpack and yellow hat.

For the rents

Homemade umbrella for when the sinus infection made me say "no more sun"

Me, Sarah, Thea, Ellen, and Kaying (photo taken by Zach)

Big ass toad! That is a 1.5L bottle, not the regular 600ml. Thing was HUGE
Well, that's all for now! Have a safe and happy new year.
Soon to come - pictures of us working!


kims said...

Happy New Year! You look so happy and beautiful.

Aunt Kath said...

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!! Sea cuidadoso, estancia seguro y conózcanos todo el amor usted. Bésese para mí.
Tía Kath'and Pat

Mamacita Jo said...

Love the pictures. It's great to see you. If you couldn't be with family for the holidays, it's good to know that you were enjoying yourself with friends. Mat, love the umbrella.

P.S. Aunt Kath is showing off.